• Hey Mandee, every word was TRUE! I just love you :) I need to relearn how to make images again. I was an assistant teacher for a graphic design program and I know how to do it, but it has been quite a long time. Photoshop and me have turned into just photo editing friends and illustrator..well I would have to read the book on how to use it lol. But I loved making images and all kinds of stuff. Maybe it will come back to me one day and even if it did I would still be waiting for your new posts to see what you have created! :)

  1. WOW! Thanks for the feature on the candy apple pie! You’re the best! This is quickly becoming my favorite party to link up at each week! Also, I would love to be a guest host in November sometime- shoot me an email carrie at curlycraftymom dot com –thanks!

    • Hey CARRIE :) It looks so delicious I wanted to eat my screen! The bright red drips coming out of it just made me..well I seriously thought about licking my screen! I would absolutely Love for you to guest host! Ill email you and we can talk :) Whoop whoop!

    • Isn’t she the greatest! I always find uses for her images! Thanks for coming by and leaving this sweet comment. Have a great week yourself Robin!!

    • Hey Karen, Doesn’t it look so amazing! I cant wait to try it! Thanks for stopping and linking up and for hosting an awesome link up too! I have found so many new girls on your blog and I am so excited about it. I have had some serious inspiration jitters this week!

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